vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

Barbecued tuna, Croatian style (a la Muha)

First of all you need a tuna fish and a  Croatian guy to prepare it (in my case a 9 kg frozen tuna from Italy and Vlaho "Muha" Muhoberac - our Chief Mate):

Then you need: chopped garlic, chopped parsley, rosemary, olive oil (could be vegetable oil, if you cannot afford olive oil), white wine (or red) and a touch of vinegar 

Prepare a pot with plenty oil, rosemary (better fresh), wine, vinegar and garlic

Slice the tuna fish (about 2 cm - 3/4 in thick)

Dry the tuna slices with some paper towel, napkins, whatever....

Set the barbecue on fire, use as much as possible some wood waste (charcoal is expensive, but it can do if you don't have wood)

Remember to have a couple of beers readily available

Place the tuna slices (after they are marinated for about 20 minutes in oil) on the barbecue (it has to be really moderate, strong heat can spoil your lunch)

 With a knife or a spoon, make small holes in the fish slices, so they can absorb the oil better

Pour oil over the fish (be generous, but don't spill, it will make the smoke thicker)

Remember to admire the scenery, after all, that's the purpose of being outdoors

After few minutes (meantime the fish was turned several times, pierced with the knife and soaked in oil), remove it from the grill and place it in a pan, covered in... oil, that's right

Final result looks like this (after seasoning it with garlic, parsley and oil):

Enjoy it! (and because all fish like to swim, wash it with three bottles of white wine)

And in the end, if you're still able to do it, post your experience on Internet

PS: Thank you spell-checker for correcting my (understandable in my condition) mistakes

Later edit: fish is swimming three times: in sea, olive oil and wine (Muha's rule from Dalmatia)